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Hi, I'm River Wilson


The Training Journey

One day I discovered IMDT ( The institute of Modern Dog Training) through my own dog trainer and decided to start the journey to become a level 5 behaviorist. This knowledge will help you to communicate with your dog effectively, and also help all those naughty but nice dogs to see the world through less fearful eyes. This can be done through the power of positive reinforcement and games!

I run my own Instagram page for my current pets and share regular training tips and rescues. I also own my own pet photography business to capture those loving and cherishable moments between companions.

Behind Whiz n Wag

My passion for animals it what drives my life. This lead me to rescuing animals and giving them a happy ending, and I'll probably continue doing this for life.


Understanding canine psychology has become a huge help with rescuing. In 2020, after consuting my trainer, I helped a dog called Oreo, break free from her chain and live a happier, balanced life with me. This presented its own challenges, and I started my journey into dog psychology and training.


So naturally, I decided to start Whiz n Wag, so I could help every day owners understand the inner working of their companions. Every dog has a unique personality with genetic drives and behaviors that shape who they are.


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